Welcome to Chinese Translation!

We are Grace and Lieuwkje (菲菲和欣雅). Grace comes from China and Lieuwkje from the Netherlands. Despite our totally different culture and upbringings, our collaboration is going very well. We consider our friendship as something unique and special. Every day we discover more and more about each other’s language and culture. We have both developed a passion for languages. Grace studied Japanese for 9 years and started to study Dutch 2 years ago. Lieuwkje studied Chinese for 5 years and has experience with accompanying Dutch delegations to China. We both speak English fluently. Nowadays, an increasing amount of people ask for complex translations to and from Dutch, Chinese or English. That is exactly the reason why we started this company together. Besides translations, we offer intermediary services. For example, offering help with the preparations for your business trip to China. Do not hesitate to contact us. Who knows what we can do for you!


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