Our story

A meeting between people is sometimes very special. Just like the meeting between Feifei (Grace) and Xinya (Lieuwkje). The increasing communication between China and the Netherlands in the political and economic area brought us together and probably contributed to the fact you found our website. Lieuwkje has often travelled to China to accompany Dutch delegations. Because of her long stay in China she is used to Chinese habits. Grace gives Japanese lessons and works in the medical sector in the Netherlands. She becomes more and more interested in the Netherlands. She will gladly help you understand Chinese culture and the mystical, historic Asia. At the same time, she enjoys helping Asian people in the Netherlands to get acquainted with the Dutch way of life. We would like to prepare you for meeting an intriguing new world and help you deal with a totally different culture in the business world or in normal life.


Lieuwkje & Grace
Huawei Company visit with Dutch delegation