Tasting and experiencing tea

Long ago, the Chinese people already loved drinking tea. Nothing has changed ever since. Chinese people perceive the process of making tea as a form of art and drinking tea as a real pleasure. Because bringing out the hidden flavours in tea requires a lot of time and skill, people who are going to drink tea should be able to enjoy themselves while waiting. They should feel relaxed and at ease while drinking tea in order to be able to taste all possible nuances of the different tealeaves. From early on, Chinese people created literary works about tea and considered mastering the art of tea as a high-level skill. The most famous tea ceremony in China is ‘Chaoshan Gongfu Tea Ceremony’. Every household in Chaoshan has the tea utensils needed for this special tea ceremony. Everyone there consumes tea every day. When they don’t, they feel uncomfortable. The Chaoshan tea ceremony consists of 19 steps which are performed in an elegant and classical way.

China is the land of tea. The tea culture, with a history of 5000 years, is China’s great treasure. When tasting tea during a Chinese tea ceremony, you will be drenched in scents and at the same time experience Chinese culture in a really profound way.

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